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Causes of Night Sweats

Causes of Night Sweats

At times, it is so common to hear people complaining of hot flashes and night sweats, while they are at sleep during the night. If your bedroom is not hot, or if you are not using too many bedclothes, but still experiencing sweats, then you may be suffering from some hidden symptoms and afflictions. Night sweats occur because of excessive sweating, while you are at sleep during the night. In other words, night sweats are severe hot flashes occurring during the night that has the capacity to drench your bed cloths with continuously oozing sweat. There is a general perception that night sweats are common among people, and a conservative estimate points out that more than 15% of people complain of regular night sweats. Causes of night sweats are still unknown, but experts attribute this phenomenon to the presence of some serious disorders in the body. Experts are still trying to find out other causes of night sweats, even among physically fit and healthy people.

There are many causes of night sweats among both men and women. A physician will need a detailed summary of medical history, to find what exactly is causing night sweats in a particular patient. After a detailed medical examination, your physician will be able to arrive at a valid conclusion to announce the real causes of night sweats. However, there are some definite reasons that cause might sweats in people. Some of these causes are:

Menopause: When a woman reaches her pre-menopausal stages, she will start experiencing excessive night sweats. This is quite common among all women in their pre-menopausal age and the hot flashes that occur during this stage are indicative of shifting hormone levels.

Hyperhidrosis: This is a general symptom, when your body starts to produce excessive night sweats without any reasons, which is probably due to the genetic disposition of the person.

Infections with dangerous diseases: Many a time, people tend to sweat excessively because of pronounced infections with dangerous diseases. People infected with Tuberculosis and AIDS infection, always produce an excessive quantity of night sweats. Apart from these symptoms, people infected with Endocarditis (inflammation of the heart valves), Osteomyelitis (inflammation within the bones), and Abscesses will undergo severe night sweats. These causes of night sweats require immediate medical attention and treatment.

Cancer: People who are in the early stages of cancer also undergo severe night sweating. Patients who are suffering from Lymphoma cancer tend to face both night chills and night sweats together. Causes of night sweats also include cases of undiagnosed cancer or lymph node infection.

Medications: Several medications and drugs may also act as causes of night sweats. Anti-depressants, fever medications, cancer drugs, psychiatric drugs, cough syrups and anti-asthmatic drugs will also cause excessive night sweats. However, these medications may also cause night flushing, which is always confused with incidences of night sweats.

Diabetes: People who have serious hypoglycemia often undergo continuous bouts of night sweats.

Hormonal imbalance and deficiency: Sweating or flushing occur because of several hormone disorders, including pheochromocytoma, carcinoid syndrome, and hyperthyroidism.

Never neglect excessive night sweats, as they may indicate the presence of serious illnesses or symptoms. When you understand the causes of night sweats, you are well on your way to find a lasting cure to eradicate the problem.