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Increase Female Libido

Just like men, women need to increase female libido. Even a number of women face a piquant situation, when they find that they fail to satisfy their bed partners. Thousands of women are simply unable to get that sexual urge so much required for a satisfactory sexual experience. When a woman looses her libido, she will tend to loose interest in sex life as well. Loss in female libido means social embarrassment and a loss of face in front of spouse or lover. To lead a healthy sex life and to conceive a beautiful baby, a woman needs to have enough libidos. Many women try to increase female libido to not only satisfy their sexual partners, but also escape possible, bitter criticism by their bed partners.

In essence, female libido is perhaps an important bodily function that is determined genetically over a few generations. Thus, it is quite impossible to provide any quick fix or magical solution to emerge out of the problems. Though a physician may try to increase female libido to some extent, it is just a temporary phenomenon. Advanced research findings suggest us that the extent of female libido largely depends on the hormonal chemistry of the body, which forces all future treatment options to look at the biological angle of the problem.

In many cases, experts tend to agree that female libido is the urge to have sex andthis urge stems from a complicated system of hormonal and neurological interactions in the body system. Physicians use this principle to increase female libido, by using a combination of methods that are both chemical and psychological in nature. Most probably, the natural hormone called estrogen plays a major role in determining the extent or degree of libido that a female will possess in her system. However, along with estrogen, a woman will also need another hormone called testosterone, which is an androgenic male hormone. These two hormones will have combined, yet contradictory effects.

In a woman’s body chemistry, a superior estrogen hormone will always mask testosterone and this is so true throughout the menstrual cycle. When the estrogen levels dropped to their low levels just before menstruation, the testosterone hormone will have a free run and this is the time when a woman will become libidinous or witness an increased female libido. However, soon after the periods, the estrogen levels start rising again and this raised level will try to oppose sexual contact with men.

Thus to increase female libido, a woman must try to understand her body hormonal chemistry, hormone’s way or working and those days when she will have low libido. Once she realizes her own limitations, she will come to understand that the only way to enhance her libido is to involve herself in the sexual activity by applying her mind, body and soul.

Another roundabout way is to find out all the causes that are leading to the loss of libido. Many causes are physiological, psychological and environmental in nature and they will work in combination to deny satisfactory sex life. Apart from these factors, a woman can also try to increase female libido by approaching her physician to seek some creams or lotions that stimulate the sexual organs to increase libido. However, these temporary solutions may not work again after some time. Increasing female libido seems to be a tough work and a dicey operation, when you consider the complexities attached with the phenomenon.

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