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Natural Estrogen

Natural Estrogen

Estrogen is an all-important sex hormone in a woman’s body system; estrogen is responsible for many critical hormonal functions like normal sexual activities, organized menstrual flow, systematic conception and trouble-free menopause. Apart from these biologically sensitive functions, estrogen is also responsible for enhanced sexual urge and arousal. Without right amount of estrogen, you may experience several health complications and problems, some of which are life threatening and acutely complex. In theory, natural estrogen is a form of estrogen naturally produced in your body and that occurs in very high concentration soon after menstruation. Natural estrogen or Estrone is a very important component of your hormonal system.

In fact, natural estrogen is not one single hormone; in reality, natural estrogen is a group of different, yet almost chemically similar hormones synthesized in your body. There are three basic principle forms of natural estrogens found in your hormonal system:

E1 or Estrone is formed from estradiol, which is often very weak in its chemical structure and which is also found in abundance soon after menstruation,

E2 or Estradiol produced in the ovaries,

E3 or Estriol is found in large quantities during pregnancy and a breakdown product of Estradiol.

Apart from these natural estrogen components, there are pseudo-estrogens like phytoestrogens usually found in the food that you eat. Just before menstruation, estradiol is the major hormone, but after menopause, its levels drop drastically than estrone, which becomes the predominant hormone.
Most of the natural estrogens that we consume are oral pills in nature, and they are converted in the stomach into another form called estrone. Other products like patches, vaginal rings and creams provide pre-menopausal amounts of estradiol, which is always beneficial to your body. A commercial product called Tri-Est is a clone of Estriol and this preparation provides you relief from those nagging episodes of hot flashes. Because your body uses natural progesterone sources to make natural estrogen, a correctly formulated natural progesterone cream is the right choice for you, if you are menstruating, or if you are passing through the post-menopausal stages.
A series of benefits and advantages are available to you, if you are using a natural estrogen creams or oral preparations:

Natural estrogen will help you using available body fat to produce increased amount of energy,

It also assist you in thyroid hormone actions and streamlining the thyroid activities,

It is also a natural anti-depressant,

It also acts as a natural diuretic substance,

Natural estrogen will help reduce high levels of blood sugar,

It also restores libido and sexual urge,

It normalizes menstruation cycles,

It helps you in fighting and preventing dangerous diseases and symptoms.

It also helps your body to assimilate vitamins and minerals into the cells.

Natural estrogen also helps you in countering ill effects of hot flashes, sexual disorders and frigidity.

Natural estrogen products will assist you in streamlining a number of biological and psychological functions; right levels of estrogens in your body will pave way for a better lifestyle and an excellent health.