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What is libido


What is Libido?


What is libido? The definition of libido is the biological sexual urge to procreate. While humans are among the only mammals to mate for pure pleasure, the underlying sexual drive or definition of libido is the desire to create new life. It is hardly surprising that humans are biologically programmed to seek out a compatible mate.

However, a more modern definition of libido is also the desire to seek sexual relations with another for pleasure, as much as it is for the perpetuation of the species. The male and female definition of libido is also different from person to person. For many women, libido is linked definitively to emotional connection. For many men, the definition of libido is linked definitely to sexual gratification.

So how can one reconcile two different definitions of libido? That is the quandary that men and women have wrestled with for thousands of years. Marriage and relationships are linked in a unique dance that brings the male definition of libido and the female definition of libido.

These differing definitions are also brought into conflict when issues with libido rise. For many women, their husband’s lack of libido may be linked directly with their feelings or lack thereof for their wives. Whereas in men, when a woman’s libido is diminished then there is the feeling that something is wrong with the man that he cannot draw from her a reaction of physical stimulation.

The best definition of libido to help out both genders is the biological imperative. Hormones within the body help regulate the libido and when hormones are in flux, libido can rise and fall. Understanding that the definition of libido is linked to the balance of the internal system can help men and women realize that libido is not the fault of one party or the other.

In order to better understand the definition of libido, track your physical and mental health with regard to the rise and fall of your libido. The libido is naturally depressed during times of extreme stress whether it is emotional, physical, mental or environmental. Understanding the definition of libido can help you discover solutions that will work to repair your diminished libido.